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KeyDB Cluster with Podman

25th October, 2022

There is a lot of confusing information on KeyDB and setups using Podman, with many stating that it is not possible to get it to work. I have gotten it to work, and here is how. In this blog I will be deploying KeyDB on a server running a web application that requires it. KeyDB will be running ...

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LESS: include fonts mixin

23rd April, 2022

Typography is important but often underappreciated. For this blog I have decided to use the font families Gazpacho by Santi Rey and Candid by Lucas Tillian. Importing a font family in pure CSS is a very tedius and boring task, which becomes even more annoying whenever changes must be made. Luckily...

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LESS: high resolution fluidity

9th April, 2022

In the previous blog posts I have explained how I tackle responsiveness and fluidity of the font-size property in less. In those explanations I rely on the default breakpoints provided by Butter Cake which allow the development of responsive interfaces for screens of resolutions of FHD (1920x1080)...

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LESS: fluid text mixin

8th April, 2022 updated 11th April, 2022

The difference between responsiveness and fluidity is that changes in size do not happen suddenly but gradually. In the previous blog post, for example, elements with the class .display-1 would suddenly increase from 64px in size to 70px as soon as the viewport width changes from 789px to 790px. A...

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LESS: responsive text mixin

7th April, 2022

First I declare the breakpoints. Because I rely on Butter Cake, I want the breakpoints in my LESS code to match the breakpoints in the Butter Cake compiled CSS. The reason I do not edit the source Butter Cake SCSS is for upgradeability: I want to be able to upgrade to newer Butter Cake versions w...

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