Making delicious food and making food delicious, one of the reasons I have gotten so deeply interested with exercise science. It may seem like a contradiction to many but I do not think it is: moderation is a forgotten virtue and, in this context, the reasoned balance between health and enjoyment.

Pear and cocoa strudel

6th April, 2022

The flavor of pears pairs extremely well with cocoa, this combination of ingredients is used in many pastries including strudel variations. The simple approach, utilized by many, is to stuff the strudel pears and chocolate chips inside, another less common approach is to stuff the strudel with pea...

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Pear and chocolate cake

5th April, 2022 updated 6th April, 2022

This is my best pear and chocolate cake recipe yet, it possesses a beautiful balance of flavors For a 24cm tray 4 large eggs 4 conference pears 90g sugar 90g brown sugar 250g flour 150g butter 100g dark chocolate 15g cocoa powder Baking powder Pinch of salt 1 spoon of koekkruiden Optionally an ...

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4th April, 2022

Koekkruiden (English: cookie spices) is the dutch name of a specific mix of spices used to make cookies. Though it is called koekkruiden, I find this spice mix can be used for much more than just cookies. I personally don’t like buying pre-mixed spices because I prefer having control over the fla...

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