Karate is like a jar full of fake gurus, fake masters, fraud and corruption, but therein also lies truth. The only way to find this truth is by fighting. These posts explain my karate, discuss exercise science and how to implement the evidence in fighting.

Shisakuteki karate training session template

27th May, 2022

Previously I have explained why running is not an appropriate method of training nor warming up for martial athletes. With this post I explain how a training session should look like to be as specific as possible to teaching and practicing Shisakuteki karate or other mixed martial arts. Objecti...

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Shisakuteki karate stance and guard

27th April, 2022

A stance is the position of the feet of a fighter, while a guard is the position of the arms. The combination of stance and guard is usually referred, confusingly, as position or, even more confusingly, as stance. To avoid confusion, Shisakuteki karate calls the combination of stance and guard ked...

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Running to fight

24th April, 2022 updated 25th April, 2022

My first experience with martial arts was when I was very little, when I was about 8 years old I was brought into a Judo school by my mother in hopes that I would be able to make new friends. Every lesson would begin with running around the tatami as a warm-up, I don’t think I learned anything fro...

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Shisakuteki karate rules

21st April, 2022 updated 5th May, 2022

In Shisakuteki karate, striking, clinch and throwing techniques are emphasized, therefore Tomoi rules would be the ideal rules to utilize in order to practice and build competence with those techniques. However, such rules specifically exclude judo throws and grappling techniques; these techniques...

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Gym bag checklist

16th April, 2022 updated 28th May, 2022

The following equipment is necessary to train Shisakuteki karate. Because Shisakuteki karate is a modern style, it does not require wearing any sort of uniform, though it is recommended to wear clothes that allow unrestricted movements. Gloves for sparring recommendation: Punch it Competition ...

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Shisakuteki karate

2nd April, 2022 updated 25th April, 2022

Shisakuteki (Japanese: 思索的, English: contemplative) is the name I gave to the karate I teach my students. It is not the name of any organization, it is just a name I came up with so that I can easily refer to it in my thoughts and notes. The martial arts that I have practiced the most and which sh...

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My reference library

1st April, 2022 updated 7th May, 2022

Clinical Exercise Physiology. Jonathan K Ehrman. 9781450412803 Advanced Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology. Denise L Smith. 9780736073929 Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology. Stephen S Cheung. 9780736074681 Motor Control and Learning. Richard Schmidt. 9780736079617 Advanced Fitness Assessm...

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