19th December, 2022 updated 5th January, 2023

My music gear

These are the pieces of physical and digital equipment I use for music production. I do my best to keep this list up-to-date.

I do not own any physical instrument except for the 8-string guitar that I built myself from raw wood. I do not believe wood significantly influences the tone of an electric guitar, but I love woodworking and woods so I used sapele and wenge for both body and neck, and ebony for the fretboard. It is equipped with a set of Guitarmory Polaris pickups.


  • Interface: Prodipe Studio 22+
  • Headphones: AKG K550 Mk2 w/jack mod
  • Monitors: Prodipe Pro 5 V3 + Pro 10S V3
  • Microphone: Prodipe MC-1 Lanen
  • Guitar: custom 8 string



  • Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio

Plugins followed by * are included in Mixcraft


  • Grand piano Acustica Pianissimo*
  • Sampler Alpha Sampler*
  • Sampler Omni Sampler*
  • Synthesizer Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2

Guitar effects:

  • Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro
  • Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp

Mixing/mastering effects:

  • Acoustica Pro Studio Reverb*
  • Acoustica Vocoder*
  • Audiocation AC-R128
  • Audiocation Phase AP1
  • Cakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier
  • Cakewalk L-Phase Equalizer
  • Cakewalk L-Phase Multiband Compressor
  • Cube-Tec DeEsser
  • Cube-Tec Flanger
  • Cube-Tec Phaser
  • G-Sonique Analog Tape ASX-72
  • G-Sonique Bi-Polar Analog Multifiler BFX24
  • G-Sonique DTC-1 Compressor*
  • G-Sonique FSQ1964*
  • G-Sonique GSXL4070*
  • G-Sonique Monitor MSX5
  • G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P*
  • G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-50M
  • G-Sonique TrebleCream*
  • G-Sonique Zener Limiter LM-2Z*
  • GVST GDelay
  • GVST GDuckDly
  • GVST GGate
  • GVST GSnap*
  • GVST GTune*