29th December, 2022

Template: novice minimalist hybrid

This program's objective is two-fold: to train all muscle groups for about 10 sets per week, and to develop maximal strength on the 3 big lifts. It is a great starting point for novices interested in maximal strength training and hypertrophy, but who want to spend a minimal amount of time at the gym.

Rest time between sets varies depending on the number of repetitions within the set:

  • In the 10-20 repetition range, at least 90 seconds
  • In the 7-9 repetition range, at least 2 minutes
  • When repetitions are less than 7, at least 4 minutes

Each exercise has to be executed with a target RBF of 4 to 0. As explained in my article about autoregulation. When one exercise is prescribed with more than one set, all sets except the last should be executed with a target RBF of 4 to 0, while the last set of should be executed with a target RFB of 1 to 0.

This is a 3-day program: hypothetically, day 1 is executed on a Monday and day 2 on a Wednesday, and day 3 on a Friday.

Day 1

  1. Barbell squat x1 7-9reps
  2. Barbell bench press x1 7-9reps
  3. Dumbbell lateral raises x4

Day 2

  1. Barbell deadlift x1 2-3reps
  2. Barbell bench press x1 2-3reps
  3. Chest press x1
  4. Machine row x3

Day 3

  1. Barbell squat x1 2-3reps
  2. Barbell bench press x1 4-6reps
  3. Leg press x2


All of the sets with less than 10 repetitions should be performed with a focus on maximal intended velocity.

When an exercise does not have a prescribed number of repetitions, it is assumed that the repetition range is 10-20.